Big Challenge 2021

Dienstag, 06. 07. 2021

Big Challenge 2021 at Lessing-Gymnasium

In May 2021 Big Challenge took place at Lessing-Gymnasium Mannheim. Altogether 43 students took part in Big Challenge.
Even in a very difficult year because of the pandemic, many students participated in the competition (see below). They all received great results and they got very cool prices!
It would be great / We’d like to see you there next year.

(Ute S., 6c)

- 43 Teilnehmer (Klassen 5-9)
- Bundesweite Top-50 in jeweiliger Altersgruppe: 3x
- Landesweite Top-50: 3x
- Bundesweite Top-15: 1x
- Landesweite Top 10: 3x